Licensure Requirements

A person shall not perform or offer to perform, either directly or indirectly, architectural services, or assume or use the title or designation of “architect,” or any derivation of that word, unless the person has secured a license to practice architecture from the Louisiana State Board of Architectural Examiners.

All candidates for licensure in Louisiana must establish an NCARB Record. The NCARB Record provides you with a repository to document your education and experience hours and also tracks your examination progress.

Candidates in Louisiana must have a NAAB accredited degree in architecture to sit for the ARE. Candidates may report experience hours and engage in completion of the ARE concurrently.

If you have identified Louisiana as your preferred state for initial licensure NCARB will send (transmit) your record once a candidate has successfully completed his/her education, experience (AXP - Architect Experience Program) hours and examination (ARE.) You will receive a notification from NCARB when this happens. Staff will contact you to complete the registration process.

LSBAE only accepts the NCARB Certificate for reciprocal licensure. Please contact NCARB and request to have your record transmitted to Louisiana. You will then need to complete a Uniform Application (found on the NCARB website) and submit to Louisiana with your payment.

In-State Registration $75
Out of State Registration $300

In State Renewal $75
Out of State Renewal $150

In State Delinquent/Reinstatement $180
Out of State Delinquent/Reinstatement $330

Licensing Advisors - You Are Not Alone!!

Each state and the NAAB accredited programs in them have an appointed Architect Licensing Advisor tasked with serving as an information resource on the required components of licensure (education, experience and examination) for licensure candidates. Advisors are also available to counsel candidates on information related to state requirements, NCARB Certification and reciprocity.